Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail


  • Tamang Heritage Trekking is a cultural heritage route.
  • Most of the Tamang people live in this area.
  • It is close to the Tibet border, called the Kerong border.
  • Special exploration of Tamange villages
  • Syabrubesi, Gatlang, Chilime, Tatopani, Timure and Briding.
  • You will see a natural hot spring, which is yellow.
  • There are a lot of hydropower companies, as you will see.
  • It is a 5- to 6-day trekking program.
  • You should walk for 6 to 7 hours each day.
  • You will see the Langtang Himalayan ranges and the Ganesh Himal ranges.
  • Easily accessible, drive to Syabrubesi, and ending also same here. 

Details of Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail

The Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail is a special offer to see the border of Tibet, the Tamang people’s lifestyle, and their traditional cultures, customs, languages, and religion. It is not far from Kathmandu, just situated in the northern part of Tibet. The trek is easily accessible, natural, culturally unique, and very beautiful—just a week-perfect itinerary. They are Tamang, but Tibetan inhabitants. There is one highway called the Kerong Short Highway, and some goods are imported from Tibet. There are some beautiful snow peaks, but the main things are exploring the Tamang lifestyle, their typical cultures, and cultivating. Most of the rivers have lots of possibilities for producing hydropower. There is a big hydropower company called Chilime Company where you will see the big dam side in Chilime village. We called it a short and sweet trek with much to explore. It is situated between two big mountains, Ganesh Himal and Langtang, and many more white snow peaks. The trekking route is in the Langtang Region. The yellow, colorful natural hot spring is best to drop, cool, and relax your muscles. Natural hot springs and a typical lifestyle culture make trekking extremely delightful.

The Tamang Heritage Trail explores the lifestyle and typical culture of Tamang people. It is near the Tibet border and influences Tibetans. The people are farmers; they grow lots of crops and vegetables, and they provide hygienic meals with warm hospitality. There are lots of hydropower plants, such as Trishuli and Chilime, and a massive dam on the side. There is a natural hot spring. You will see some white, snow-capped magical mountains.

The Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail starts from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi by vehicle, private or public, in just 7 hours. Then start walking along the beautiful, typical villages and scenery. Every camp will be with the typical Tamang family, along with these beautiful villages: Gatlang, Chilime, Tatopani (hot spring), Nagthali, Thuman, Timure, Briddim, and Shyabrubesi. Every village is a very good community village with warm hospitality. They are very religious, and mainly they respect Buddhism, and every village has a small or big monastery. There are many mani walls, chortens, prayer flags, and prayer wheels related to Buddhism. Especially since they do farming on their own farm, most of the crops they grow are potatoes, barley, wheat, buckwheat, corn, millet, beans, and many more vegetables. They have many different types of domestic animals, such as yaks, cows, goats, and sheep, as well as many wild animals too. The place is situated between two big mountains on the left side. Ganesh Himal range's height is 7422 m, and on the right side, Langtang Himalayas range's highest peak is 7200m with many white snow peaks.

Tamang Heritage Trek Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail is a short time for various exploring, and we do recommend all age factors that easily can do this trek. Unique Nepal Adventure organizes beautiful trips according to your interests. The main trekking routes are called the Langtang Valley Trek and the Gosainkunda Lake Trek. If you are interested, we will make those combining treks at the same time: Tamang Heritage and Langtang Valley. We are teamwork, and all of our staff are professional, have many years of fieldwork experience, are dedicated, qualified, and are Nepal Government-certified license holders. We do provide excellent services at a regional cost. Furthermore, we wish you a safe and pleasant trip. We warmly welcome further information. Please feel free; we always respond to you immediately. Thanking.

How about people, culture, and religion in Tamang Heritage Trail?

Tamang Heritage Trail, especially the Tamang people, are rich in culture. They have their own typical cultures, customs, and traditions. They wear their own typical dress, and they celebrate many kinds of festivals according to their own style. Furthermore, they married according to their own culture. They speak their own mother tongue, the Tamang language. They respect clients and warmly welcome them with warm hospitality.

How about lodging & fooding on the Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail?

The people in the area are farmers; they grow lots of crops & vegetables. They make organic, hygienic local meals as well as foreign cuisine in every camp. They have well managed lodges and neat and clean rooms. Likewise, they are really tourist friendly. 

How about transportation on the Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail?

There are many vehicles, such as local buses and jeeps. We arrange local buses or local sharing jeeps. But if you require a private jeep, we can easily arrange it. Kathmandu to Shyabrubesi is approximately 7 hours of driving, and returning from Shyabrubesi to Kathmandu by the same vehicle. There are many vehicles running. 

How about the entry permit for the Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail?

You need to issue some permits. You are visiting Langtang National Park. They required your entry permits. You should obtain it. We organize it, and our guide will report on every check post. After ending the trek, the guide will give you a souvenir. The needed permits are listed below.

  • Langtang National Park Entry Permit - Nrs. 3000/- 
  • TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) - Nrs. 2000/- 

What kind of trekking gear do we need for the Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail?

Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail is one of the easiest treks, but the weather is cool most of the time so we must prepare warm enough clothes such as jackets, good sleeping bags, trekking boots, some pairs of walking comfort paints, fleece, some T-shirts a comfort day pack two-liter water bottles, sun cream, sun hat, headlight, etc. Normally, the listed trekking gear is fine.

Carry your important medicine

Medicine is very important. If you have any disease, you must carry the medicine with you. In that “prevention is better than care” mountain region, we can’t find any healthcare, clinics, or hospitals. If there is a clinic, you may not get the medicine you need. So, I humbly request that you please prepare if you are continually taking any medicine. It is very important, but our company will normally provide a first-aid kid bag for headaches, fevers, stomach problems such as diarrhea, coughs & colds, some bandages, tape, Diamox for high altitude sickness, etc.


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9 Days Perfect Itinerary - Arrival to Departure 

Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, and a representative of Unique Nepal Adventure Trek will welcome you and transfer you to your selected hotel by private vehicle. The manager will brief you in detail about Trekking.

  • Standard Hotel
  • 25 Minute Drive
  • 1300m / 4265ft

Kathmandu to Syabrubesi by local bus, local sharing jeep, or private jeep It is 7 hours drive from Kathmandu. It is a nice road; they stop for lunch at some places. Syabrubesi is a nice place on the riverside. You will see many hydropower plants. Stay overnight at a nice Hotel.

  • Hotel
  • 7 hrs Driving
  • 1460m / 4790ft

Trekking to Gatlang is wonderful walking the first couple of hours uphill. You will arrive at a beautiful hill, and you will see a glorious view from here. Then trekking will continue on a gradual trail till Gatlang village. You will stop for lunch in Chautara, which is nice for lunch, and then easily arrive in Gatlang.

  • Lodge / Homestay
  • 6/7 hrs Walking
  • 2240m / 7350

It is also beautiful walking first to Chilime Dam Side downtown, then all the way to Tatopani uphill. You will stop for lunch in Chilime. It has a nice dam for Chilime Hydro Power. You can explore it. After lunch, Tatopani is all the way up, something like 3 hours. Tatopani is a really nice village, and it has a natural hot spring. You can have fun in Hot Springs. It is yellow in color. Stay at a nice lodge here.

  • Lodge
  • 6/7 hrs. Walking
  • 2380m / 7808ft

Today is also nice for walking along open views, but you need to ascend, slop up, and slop down in a gradual manner. It is really nice walking and open viewing, and it seems Tibet borders as well. Stay at a nice lodge here.

  • Normal Lodge
  • 5/6 hrs Walking
  • 2350m / 7710ft

It is nice walking slowly downward. You arrive at lunchtime and explore the local lifestyle and culture. Stay overnight at a nice lodge.

  • Lodge
  • 5/6 hrs Walking
  • 2229m /7313ft

It is nice walking most of the trail gradually downwards till Syabrubesi. You will arrive easily here by the riverside. It is your last walking day. Stay overnight at a Hotel in Syabrubesi.

  • Hotel
  • 4 hrs. walking.
  • 1460m / 4790ft

It is 7 hours of driving by bus or jeep. We organize local buses or jeeps. If you prefer, we can arrange for a private jeep. You stay at a nice Hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Standard Hotel
  • 7 hrs. Walking
  • 1300m / 4265ft

A representative of Unique Nepal Adventure Trek will drop you off at Tribhuvan International Airport by private vehicle.

  • Flying to Home
  • Long Fly Back
  • Thousand of Meter

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