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Langtang Valley Trek - 9 Days

Trip Facts
  • Duration 9 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate
  • Group Size 2 to 20 Pax
  • Max. Elevation 4985m / 16355ft
  • Start/End Syabrubesi
  • Best Time Sep to Dec and Mar to May



  • 9-Day Perfect Itinerary of Langtang Trek
  • exploring the Tamang lifestyle and typical culture.
  • Embark on Kyanjin Ri (4770 m) and Tserku Ri (498 m).
  • Outstanding view of Langtang Ri (7234 m) and Dorje Lakpa, Gangchenpo.
  • It seems like wildlife, animals, Flora, and fauna
  • Red Pandas, Blue Sheep, Mountain Goats, Deer, Wild Boar, and Birds
  • You should walk every day (6–7 hours).
  • The main camps are Syabrubesi, Lama Hotel, Langtang, and Kyanjin Gompa.
  • Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and Syabrubesi to Kathmandu by Jeep

Overview of Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek is an exploration of the Tamang people’s lifestyle, typical culture, and religion as Buddhists. It is close to the Tibet border and is almost identical to Tibetan culture and language. The Langtang trek is short and sweet, with only 6–7 days of walking, but from your arrival to departure in Kathmandu, plan 9–10 days. It is naturally, culturally, and religiously awesome. The local people are farmers, and they produce lots of organic vegetables and crops. They provide healthy and organic meals to their clients. There are well-managed teahouse facilities. It is an open trekking route for any month. Trekkers can visit at any time. It is an evergreen trekking route.

Kyanjin Gompa is the main destination of the Langtang trek, but we recommend hiking to Kyanjin Ri or Tserku Ri viewpoints. You will see the magical mountain’s view as the crystal-clear view of Mt. Langtang Ri, Ganchengpo, Dorje Lakpa, Yala Peak, etc. The local people are tourist-friendly; they respect tourists and provide excellent services with warm hospitality. It has a fine trekking trail and a wide track along sub-pine forestry. Most of the trail follows the riverside, crossing many suspension bridges.

Langtang Trekking is a short trip with various experiences. It is a 9-day perfect itinerary at a reasonable cost. You must ascend the excellent viewpoints of Kyanjin Ri (4770 m) or Tserku Ri (4895) and view the glorious view of Langtang Ri (7234 m) and many white snow peaks. exploring the Tamang lifestyle and the typical mixed culture of Tibetans. It is a wonderful trekking destination, and we make a lifetime-memorable trip.

Langtang Valley Trekking is easily accessible and allows for a short time to explore various things. Day one: Kathmandu to Syabrubesi by vehicle, then start your trekking. Day 2: Trekking to Lama Hotel, which is a nice camp, but most of the trail is ascending and sloping up. It is Langtang National Park, which is controlled by national park security. There are some checking posts where we must show permits. Trekking along beautiful villages like Langtang Valley and Kyanjin Gompa, where the local lifestyle and typical cultures are, as well as their warm hospitality,

They are farmers and grow various crops and vegetables. They provide local organic meals. Likewise, they are pure Buddhists, and there are many old and new monasteries. They have lots of yak and sheep farms. They produce lots of yak cheese. It is a very yummy cheese, and they supply it to Kathmandu and many other cities. Kyanjin Gompa is the main destination of the Langtang Valley Trek, sleeping in the highest place at 3860m, then an excursion to Kyanjin Ri (4770 m) or Tserku Ri (4985 m) for outstanding panorama mountain views such as Mt. Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ganchengpo, Yala Peak, etc.

If you wish to continue trekking through Thulo Shyabru Village, Sing Gompa, and Gosainkunda Lake, you'll need to extend your stay by a few days. Gosainkunda, known as the Holy Lake, is surrounded by several other lakes, with three main ones visible. It holds significant religious importance for both Hindus and Buddhists, who come here to perform ceremonies and prayers. The main event occurs during the full moon in August, drawing pilgrims who come to pray and take purifying baths, seeking blessings and good fortune. Typically, pilgrims embark on a short trail from Dunche to Gosainkunda, returning after 3 to 4 days. We can tailor your trip based on your available days. The 6-night, 7-day itinerary outlined below is ideal, featuring treks such as Gosainkunda Trek, Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail, Ganjala Pass, and Ruby Valley. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Trekking Route of Langtang Trekking

Langtang Valley Trekking Routes are along beautiful villages such as Syabrubesi (1500m), Lama Hotel (2450m), Langtang Valley (3450m), Kyanjin Gompa (3860m), and the best outstanding mountain viewpoints, Kyanjin Ri (4770m) and Tserko Ri (4984 m). Then return via the same trekking trail to Langtang, Lama Hotel, and Syabrubesi. It is a Tamang cultural village; they are tourist-friendly and show their honesty and warm hospitality.

The People, Culture, and Religion in Langtang Valley

Most of the people are inhabitants of the Tamang ethnicity under Tibetan influence because the Tibet border is near. They have their own culture, customs, dress, language, and Buddhist religion. They have a typical lifestyle. Furthermore, they are of the Buddhist religion, and there are many Buddhist monuments such as Monasteries, stupas, Mani Walls, tsorten, prayer flags, etc. Moreover, they are rich in culture and religion. They respect all religions.

Lodging and Fooding in Langtang Region Trek

They have well-managed lodges and full tea houses facilitated everywhere. They grow many kinds of crops and vegetables. Furthermore, they provide hygienic, organic meals with warm hospitality.

How about transportation before starting the Langtang trek?

The Langtang region trek is easy to access. Kathmandu to Syabrubesi by local bus, local jeep, or private jeep It is a 7-hour drive from Kathmandu, and you stay overnight at Syabrubesi. You are also returning from the same Syabrubesi to Kathmandu by local jeep or private jeep as you wish; how do you prefer? Local jeeps are shared, private jeeps are comfortable only using your team.

What Kind of Wildlife Animals, Flora, and Faunas Can We See in Langtang Region?

The Langtang region is a national park, and wildlife animals are preserved here. You have a high chance of seeing these animals, such as yaks, mountain goats, red pandas, snow leopards, wild boars, deer, and many kinds of birds. They have many yak cheese factories. You can taste it as real Yak cheese.

Do we need any entry permits for the Langtang Valley Trek?

Yes, you need to get some permits to do the Langtang Valley Trek. They required trekking permits. You are trekking in Langtang National Park. Our company, Unique Nepal Adventure Treks, arranges needed permits like the ones below. There are many permit-checking posts by the National Park Service or the Police Army. If you don’t take it, they will not allow trekking in Langtang National Park. We need your passport-size photo and a passport photocopy. We will make it ready before you arrive in Nepal.

  • Langtang National Park Fee: Rs. 3000
  • TIMS (Trekking Information Management System): – Nrs. 2000/-

Stunning and Attraction Mountain Views in Langtang Region

You should hike a day from Kyanjin Gompa to Kyangin Ri or Tserku Ri. You will see that magical mountain view from the top of Kyanjing Ri (4770 m/15650 ft) or Tserku Ri (4985 m/16355 ft).

  • Langtang Lirung (7234m / 23733ft)
  • Langtang II (6596m / 21640ft)
  • Ganchenpo (6380m / 20932ft)
  • Dorje Lakpa (6966m / 22855ft)
  • Langshisha Ri (6427m / 21085ft)
  • Yala Peak (5500m / 18209ft)

When is the best time to visit Langtang Valley Trekking?

The best time to visit Langtang Valley Trekking is in autumn, such as September, October, November, and December; another season is spring, March, April, and May. Those months' weather is always clear, with good temperatures, good visibility, and fantastic, crystal-clear mountain views.

The winter and monsoon seasons are also not bad. Winter is snowing and very freezing cold, and the monsoon is most of the time raining, cloudy, and with poor visibility. If you like to trek in the monsoon or winter, we organize it because the Langtang Trekking Trail is very safe and wide. It is possible. We provide professional and experienced guides to make your trip safe, successful, delightful, and very pleasant.

  • Autumn Season: September, October, November, and December.
  • Winter Season: late December, January, and February.
  • Spring Season: March, April, and May.
  • Monsoon Season: June, July, and August.

Cost of Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek costs US$550 per person, but it needs a minimum of 2 people; if you are a single visitor, the cost would be a bit more. If you come with more people, the cost will be a bit lower. The cost is flexible according to group size. Feel free.

Carry your Important Medicine

Medicine is very important. If you have any disease, you must carry the medicine with you. In that "prevention is better than cure" mountain region, we can’t find any health care, clinic, or hospital. If there is a clinic, you may not get it according to your problem medicine. So, with my humble request, please prepare if you are continually taking any medicine. It is very important, but our company will provide something in the first aid kit bag, normally for headaches, fever, stomach problems such as diarrhoea, cough, and cold, some bandages, tape, and Diamox for high altitude sickness, etc.


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9-Day Perfect Itinerary of the Langtang Valley Trek If you would like to extend your trip, feel free. We will customize your trip accordingly.

                    Trip Map

                    Langtang Valley Trek - 9 Days map

                    Cost Details

                    What's Included

                    • Airport pick-up and drop-off by private vehicle
                    • All meals during the trek (lunch, dinner, breakfast)
                    • Kathmandu Hotel, two nights with continental breakfast
                    • One English-speaking government-trained license holder and a well-informed trekking guide.
                    • All expenses for a guide: meals, accommodation, salary, equipment, insurance, transportation (bus or private vehicle), etc.
                    • Accommodation in lodges
                    • Government and local area taxes, where applicable.
                    • Needed Permits as below-mentioned.
                    • Langtang National Park entry fee
                    • TIMS card fees (Trekking Information Management System)
                    • Transportation from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi by Local or Private Jeep
                    • Returning Syabrubesi to Kathmandu by local or private Jeep
                    • First-aid kit bag.
                    • Seasonal fruits.

                    What's Excluded

                    • Nepalese entry visa, which you will obtain at the airport when you land.
                    • Travel insurance: do it in case of an accident. Helicopter rescue coverage
                    • Drinks such as Hot, Cold, and soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages such as tea, coffee, mineral water, Coke, Fanta, beer, whiskey, etc.
                    • Hot water, a hot shower, a heater charge, a battery charge, phone calls, and laundry service
                    • Emergency evacuation and medical equipment.
                    • Hire equipment and personal items (sleeping bag, down jacket, hiking boots, camera, toilet paper, etc.).
                    • In the case of natural calamities, i.e., political unrest, cancellation of flights due to weather, landslides, etc., the extra charge will be borne by the customer.
                    • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
                    • Tips for Guides and Donations to Social Services

                    Good to Know

                    Packing List or Trekking Gear of Langtang Valley Trek

                    It is a packing list or Trekking Gear of Langtang Valley Trek, if you are doing adventure trekking up to 3500m you should prepare listing trekking gears. It is for warming, comfort, safety and success in your trip. If you don’t have something, you can buy or rent in Kathmandu. We can help to find it out. All of needed packing clothing and gears are listing, find it out properly.


                    • Headlight with extra batteries
                    • Sun hat, insulating hat
                    • Warm hat, Scarf-Beany


                    • Sunscreen and lip balm
                    • Sunglass with UV protection
                    • Face/body wipes


                    • Hand sanitizer
                    • Light gloves
                    • Warm gloves
                    • Windproof gloves

                    Clothing for Trekking

                    Warm enough Down Jacket

                    • Fleece Jacket
                    • Trekking T-shirts Few pairs
                    • A couple of Trekking paints
                    • Long-sleeved shirt
                    • Polypropylene underwear’s
                    • Under long fleece
                    • Breathable underwear
                    • Thermal layer
                    • Gore Text Windproof Jacket
                    • Waterproof jacket and trousers

                    Clothing for City

                    • You can pack any clothes that you prefer to wear in the city.


                    • Trekking Boots
                    • Sports shoes/Sandals
                    • Thin & Thick Woolen socks
                    • Trekking socks
                    • Gaiter and crampons


                    • Duffel bag
                    • Day pack
                    • Rucksack
                    • Rain cover

                    Essential Gear

                    2-liter water bottle

                    • Water purification as tables or drops or stereo pen
                    • Trekking pole
                    • Swiss knife
                    • Warm enough Sleeping bag around -15
                    • Watch or Alarm clock
                    • Cellphone and charging cables


                    • Quick dry towel
                    • Toothbrush
                    • Toothpaste
                    • Biodegradable Shampoo and soap
                    • Deodorants
                    • Female hygiene products
                    • Moisturizer
                    • Dental floss
                    • Nail clippers
                    • Small mirror
                    • Toilet paper

                    Personal Accessories

                    • Money
                    • Camera
                    • Passport, photocopy
                    • PP size Photos

                    Extra Items

                    • Notebook and pen
                    • Ear plugs
                    • Energy/Protein bar
                    • First aid kit

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