10 Things to do Before Escape Holidays

  • Last Updated on Jun 26, 2023

Preparing for an escape vacation can be a time consuming and challenging task; so it is always a great idea to start planning early.

Many people make the mistake of waiting until the last minute before they can start preparing — don’t be a victim, as lots of things can go wrong. Other than the obvious stuff like getting a passport, insurance, and currency, here are some 10 things to do before escape holidays to ensure success:

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Double check your reservations

This might seem obvious, but it is always important to confirm that all your reservations, including car rental, flight, hotel, restaurants, attractions and any other things that you have planned for your trip are in order. You don’t want any surprises or inconveniences before and during your trip.

Make advance payments

Paying in advance has numerous advantages; first, it will help you avoid the last minute rush. Second, it will help you get the best deal since you have time to compare the prices and also look for offers. And third, it will help you avoid any stress of missing hotel spaces or tickets to an event because they were sold out.

Clear perishable food

If you have any perishable food at home, then you should eat it all, or throw it away. Better yet, you can give it to someone who needs it, be sure to clear your home of perishable food; you don’t want to come from your holiday only to find a stinky home. Additionally, take out the trash, run the dishwasher and clean the sink.

Check the weather

Take time to look at the weather forecast of your destination as well as your hometown (when you’ll be traveling back), and pack accordingly.

Notify your credit card company

If you are traveling to a different country, it is important to alert your credit card company about your plans. You can do so online if you still have time, or call them for immediate help. But most importantly, you should ensure that your available credit is enough.

Call your cell phone service provider

If you are traveling overseas, then you should call your cell phone company to assist you set up an affordable plan for sending text messages, making calls and accessing the internet from your phone.

Have an emergency contact

Inform family or friends about your travel plans. It’s even advisable that you leave them with a travel itinerary just in case something happens when you are away.

Clean your wallet

Only bring things that you’ll need on the trip. Leave your gift cards, extra credit cards, loyalty cards, etc., back home.

Protect your outdoor furniture

Cover your outdoor furniture to protect them. If they are portable, then you can bring them in.

Mail delivery

Pause your mail delivery, especially if you’ll not be around for days. Better yet, have your neighbor pick them for you.